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I have salt & pepper hair and refuse to pay $90 for lowlights, so my sis suggested I try Just for Men - Beard & Mustache formula. Will gently cover only partially and not make me look like I am wearing a jet black wig.

My hair looks the best - EVER! It looks so natural. Just enough gray peeking through. It looks like I'm just now going gray.

Paid $7.96 at Wally World. Quite a savings.

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I've heard you can use this to dye your eyebrows as well. Anyone tried it? I have my hairstylist dye mine every 5 weeks...but they last for about a week at the most and then fade.

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I use the moustache one in dark blonde to dye my brows. Works great! I don't have much brow left, but what I have looks better than when I don't use this. Also tried the light brown and that was fine too. It couldn't be easier. Just squeeze an equal small amount, about 1/2" or less, out of each tube, mix with the plastic spatula, and apply and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off and you're done!

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Oh wow, that's great information! How long does it last in your hair after cleansing?

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I too hate paying $100 to cover my grey roots. However, Just For Men, just doesn't do it for me. In fact, it's a waste of time & $. It washes right out afterwards!!! I called the company & complained.

Clairol root touch-up doesn't work either!!! Grey hair is very, very stubborn & hard to cover up yourself. Wish they would make a product that actually works at home for root cover-up.

Good luckSmiley Happy

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Read on here quite a while back about using it for brows and it is perfect. I also dye them when I color my hair but as Emma B said, they fade after about a week week and a half. So easy to whip out the Just For Men and dye those eyebrows as soon as needed. So quick and convenient.
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My hair is 90% gray and very resistant, so I was quite pleased to see how well it actually took and how soft it looks. I'm sure it varies for each of us.

It has been 3 weeks and so far, so good! Even then, 5 minutes is not a big investment in time when I have to reapply.

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I use this for my part when I am in between colorings. It works well and is super fast and not as messy. I like that you can use this multiple times.

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Thanks for the tip. I use semi-permanent haircolor; I've never gone the permanent route. Lately I've been using a hair glaze b/t colorings in addition to the powder compact product I get from Sally. Both of these products have been fantastic at covering the few grays that show around my part/temples. But the JFM beard/moustache thing might be something I'd try. I might just look for a shade one or two colors lighter than what I'd normally do for allover to give more of a highlighted look. I'll have to decide!

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I use it on my eyebrows. I have really light blond brows that make them look non existent. Though, I need to get a shade lighter as I just colored my hair a shade or two lighter. I just compensate by not leaving it on as long.

I usually use it every two weeks... or so. Have to be careful of it dying your skin, but vaseline takes care of that mostly. I just cap the tubes tightly as you don't need much at all. Hasn't gone bad yet... and its been months.