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Just came back from hair salon and my hairdresser yelled at me-need opionions please!!

I had a hair apt today for cut and color. This was my 3rd visit. The last visit she gave me a perm. I still get perms because I don't want to curl or even blow dry my hair, plus my hair is very fine. I took a picture with me because I thought the sides were a little too full and I am not good at exlpaining what I like. The girl's hair was slighty curly like mine with the perm. Well, all of a sudden she started yelling at me that she dosne't understand why I even get perms if I don;t like my hair full and that she could cut it like that pic but I'd have to blow dry it, curl and put product in it, etc. Then she said she dosen't know why I just don't get a one length bob. I told her If I could see a pic of what she was talking about I might be open to it. she said she didn't have a pic and I'd just have to trust her. Dosen't it make sense to want to see a picture?? Finally I told her to just do what she was going to do (a trim) beforeI opened my mouth. But she almost had me in tears!! There is no way I am going back. What does everyone think? am I overreacting? she did say when I was leaving she was sorry she gave me such a hard time. But Im not sure If I'd even feel comfortable going back.