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Just Heaven A-D delay

Okay, I just got my just heaven a-d for aug. last week and day before yesterday I got an email saying they hoped I was enjoying the a-d and they were sorry but there is going to be a delay on my aug. delivery. I was like wow! That's funny since I already got it and then I took a look at my account and realized that they changed my nov. a-d to sept. 10th. I had to go over and over it with the cs until she finally looked at the email and realized what I was talking about. I didn't want it backordered for 2 mos. and possibly canceled cause they didn't get the stock in 45 days from sept. 10th. Very annoying and the girl I talked to was really getting t'd at me which of course made me a little mad since I didn't mess anything up, their computer did. Anybody else, you better check.