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Just Have to Share - Found the Most Wonderful Hand Cream at...........

a gas station!!! Was traveling to my son's & there's this restaurant & gas station together - a truck stop kind of place & they had this small display set up for "Dr Jonathan's Lotion Company - Cranberry Oil". Well, they had a bottle of hand lotion at the checkout to sample and WOW! It is on the thicker side like a cream but not at all greasy, & really makes your hands soft & gets the dryness out. I was so impressed I bought 2 bottles and love this stuff. Everyone who comes to my house and tries it can't get over how nice it is. It is even taking care of my dry,winter, hangnail-prone fingers!

The ingredients are really good - on the label he talks about using only cold pressed cranberry oil from the seeds. Some of the other ingredients are aloe, sweet almond oil, allantoin, Vit E, B5, D, shea butter, jojoba oil. I don't see any preservatives. It does not have a sickening sweet smell, kind of a light tart cranberry smell - very refreshing.

No animal testing - he says he test all new products on his wife, kids & in-laws prior to sale- LOL !!!!! All his product are made with this cranberry oil. They do have a web site berryworksdotcom & I notice they talk about the "healing" power of cranberry oil for some skin conditions, but I would certainly take that with a grain of salt. All I know is they have an awesome hand lotion!

NOTE TO EVERYONE: I was very surprised to learn it is a WI based company, because I am from WI - and I hereby make this disclaimer that I had nerver heard of this company before, I know no one that works for it, owns it and I have nothing to do with it, have no part in it or connection with it what-so-ever! I do not even live near it! I know I sound like a commercial, but I just can't get over how nice this hand lotion is!