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Re: Just Curious: Wash Cloth or Other?

@sidsmom wrote:

Washcloth: cheaper/thinner the better...& I don’t use very much soap.


Too much time in the shower & too much soap dries out my skin.

Just lightly soap, washcloth & rinse the face/neck/ears & crevasses,

and I’m out. 



I agree about the cheap and thin cloths!  I buy a bunch at the dollar places.  

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Re: Just Curious: Wash Cloth or Other?

DH and I use bath sponges for body and wash cloth for face.

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Re: Just Curious: Wash Cloth or Other?

@151949 wrote:

Per the infection control staff where I used to work - cleaning requires FRICTION and if all your doing is rubbing soapy hands over an area it requires you rub that area for the length of time it takes to sing Happy birthday twice. I'm doubting those who wash with just soap and their hands are taking that much time on every area of their body.A washcloth creats friction because it is not a smooth surface. Take all comments to the infection control professionals as I'm only repeating what I had to listen to ad nauseum.'s a medical way to wash and for anyone, good for all to know -  in nursing we learned that...yes, friction is important and it doesn't even have to be washing with antibacterial soap. We never had that back in the day family of 7 :-O  and 1 bar of soap we all shared lol, we just rubbed the bar over our hands, that was I guess a good enough friction for all of us and it's funny b/c I was hardly ill as a kid or young adult, so bar soaps work via friction too I guess! haha

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Re: Just Curious: Wash Cloth or Other?

Washcloth, bath glove for exfoliation, and for my face a super soft silicone nubby scrubber (same surface as those sonic types, but no sonic, just the pad). 


I've never had better facial skin since I found and realized these $2 silicone pads work better [for me] than adding any battery power behind it for an extra $75.  They rinse completely clean after each use, unlike guessing about my Clarisonic brush head that I used to use.