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Julep nail polish, eyeliner, lip color sticks

   I love Julep polish, but NOT Julep treatment polish!  I was introduced to Julep on QVC.  QVC selection is quite limited on colors at least what I've seen and they seem to tend to promote the treatment more.  The polish has changed my brittle, splitting, peeling, discolored nails into the beautiful strong nails of my youth!   Unfortunately the treatment kills them within a couple of days!   Does anyone else have this problem?  I asked Julep customer service and was told they have heard that from other customers. They don't have a clear polish other than treatment so I use their base coat followed by top coat and it looks like I have on clear polish.   I now buy all my Julep polish from Julep's website as they have a great selection and free shipping. If you're a fan and buy often I've found joining their "Maven"  option worthwhile.  The only other Julep products I've tried is the eyeliner and lip color that comes in a stick type thing that's round and big in diameter not the lipstick.  The eyeliner is terrible, it doesn't last more than an hour even with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer, it bleeds, and color fades.  The lip color I am referring to and unfortunately don't know name of that type also is terrible!  It dries out within minutes, I don't have dry lips, and doesn't last even if I put gloss, chapstick, or argan oil over it to help it stay moist.  I love the Julep polish tote, well worth the money!  

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Re: Julep nail polish, eyeliner, lip color sticks

I, too, am having difficulty with the Julep treatment polishes.  My nails peel and split also.  I have been using the pink color that comes in the duo and have noticed that my nails have not gotten better.  Also noticed that this polish peels off nails quite easily and that just adds to the peeling problem I have been experiencing.  Thank you for posting this as I found it quite informative and helpful.  Will have to go to the Julep website and check out everything there.  Again, thank you for putting this out so I at least know I am not the only one whose nails aren't responding to the "treatment" polish.Heart

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Re: Julep nail polish, eyeliner, lip color sticks

 I have used Julep nail polishes in the past and they're ok- nothing special, IMO. I no longer even own nail color or treatments since discovering Dr. Dana's system. However, Julep color cosmetics are terrible! I bought 2 eye shadow cream sticks, an eyeliner pencil, and a lipstick (with that core thing), and all three are losers!

The eye shadow sticks and the eye liner pencil have ZERO staying power with primer (let alone without), and they run and smear everywhere immediately! the lip color is drying and clings to any dry areas (even the ones I couldn't see).

I will say, though, that their lip oil is pretty good. It reminds of a product Clarins came out with a few years ago. Julep's gives a stain effect and is moisturizing, but the stain is a fuschia pink that I personally dislike. All the other shades were darker (one was a red and the other an orange). The only Julep item I have tried and love is their Cleansing Stick with Konjac sponge. That stuff is seriously great for a cleanser!