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Anybody ever try/currently use antthing (skin products and/or makeup) by this company?


I receive emails from dermstore and saw some foundations I may want to try; then on their site saw a trio of complexion products I'm seriously wanting to try.  Their products are organics as well - sounds good for the skin.


Please let me know if you'd try anything, what  you tried, how you may or not like what you've tried. Do you still use products, see results?


Thanks much for your input! Have a great day!

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I've used a few things but really don't remember what or how they worked-never bought anymore so prob didn't do much for me.

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The only product of theirs that I use is their Cleansing Milk. It is my cleanser of choice day and night. At night I precede it with an oil cleanser.

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@PINKdogWOOD  I only purchased a lipstick.  I thought their prices were high.  Cat Tongue

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I have been interested in trying their products too, they sound high quality and well made. The only thing that has stopped me is the high prices.

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I recently started using one of their eye creams (Green Apple Brightening Eye Cream), so I can't tell yet whether or not it will help with my dark circles.  It seems to be moistuizing enough, so that's good.


There was a CC cream of theirs that I swatched at Ulta.  It was very dewy, which I was okay with because my skin is very dry, but there wasn't much coverage.  And the smell was pungent.  However, I justed looked at the Ulta website and couldn't find anything in the ingredient list that would account for the spicy smell.  So maybe there was a formula change?  I just wanted to mention it, because you may want to look at the ingredients of anything you're looking at buying if you are sensitive to smells.


Years ago I remember trying a sample of the Green Apple Peel.  I liked it then.  Not sure if the formula is the same or not now.



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I use their Stem Cellular CC cream.  I have used it for at least 5 years, and the one I chose is an exact match to my skin color.  It is light coverage with SPF.  I love the applicator tip.

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@Souperkrys  I was on their site last night and for a 3-piece stem cell facial kit full sized products for $90.00 (a much better price than anywhere else I've seen). I also decided to try their CC cream and lightly tinted setting powder (very much like the byebye pores in the It collection which I use but will try the new instead).


And I'm receiving 2 free samples of a stem cell serum and something else good I can't recall.  All in all these totaled $135.00. For all I'm expecting I don't think this is too bad.


I also am expecting a mini kit of another all organic brand, Eminence - 5 products for $79.00.


I''m really excited about trying organic products.

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i've used several of juice beauty products, the fragrance comes from the fruit stem cells and other natural ingredients. (at least thats what the rep told me)like the CC cream and makeup products, but i prefer emminence skin care over juice beauty. i see instant results with some of those products. good luck!