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Looks like the new pearl oil is a hit.  Wondered if you can use it all around your eye area as a shadow or base.  I really like her coconut water liquid shadows but they are discontinued and mine are getting old...this might be a good substitute!  Can this be used as eye makeup?

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I think not as it is just too oily.

It has a pearly glow.

Like my many many pearly glow products out there, one that has this pickish pearl is Laura G's powder glow it looks white. On a high end is my Georgio Armani #7 highlighter had it for ages and it's still good. It's used on face after for a highlighter or mixed w/foundation but had that opal pink in it very subtle and can be dabbed on eyes. Try Becca maybe Moonstone? or other?

I would not put this oil on my eyes IMHO.


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