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Re: Josie's Skin Dope

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Adrian Arpel on HSN has been selling and talking about argan oil for over 10 years. Josie does not have the bright shiny new idea.

Not sure about the "Skin Dope" thing either.

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@FleurFairy wrote:

My guess is that Josie's argan oil is no longer "shiny and new". It's no longer a novelty in the beauty world so she has to add in other ingredients to remain relevant. I still love her products and I don't think she needs to mess with a good thing. 



I agree with you.  It took me a long, long, time to even give Josie's products the time of day, and, sadly, I was one of the most critical on these boards about her presentations.


However, I did finally try her body butter and the argon oil.  I will be the first to admit that I am now hooked.  At an advance age, my skin is so dry and crackly and it soaks up her body butter with wonderful results.  It doesn't happen overnight, of course, but with time, you see results.


I do not think she should be adding other "trending" ingredients to her beautiful, natural products.      

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@GenXmuse wrote:

I’m totally pro-cannabis but I think the name is ridiculous. It’s not dope, it’s hemp, which is made from a different part of the plant. It is misleading and inflammatory and not related to skincare. 

@GenXmuse  Agreed. Too silly and difficult to take seriously.

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@Katcat1 wrote:

@suzyQ3  Josie needs to use essential oils in her whipped argan oil (body bIutter).  I had to send one back recently that was totally gross (Lilac).  I own a Jasmine BB and it is very nice but some of her scents are actually horrible.



I absolutely am in love with Josie's Vanilla Apricot Scent.  I waited a long time before I finally relented and purchased the body butter.  Now, I can't be without it and I make sure I always have an extra or two.  However, I also returned the Lilac Scent.  I'm not great with any floral scent and the lilac was just too floral.  I'll stick with my Vanilla Apricot or Sweet Citrus.  





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@Daysdee wrote:

Like another poster I returned Josie's body butter in "lilac."  It smelled awful and nothing lilac about it.  (it came in set with infinity cream.)   No more for me.



I love Josie's Vanilla Apricot body butter, and, the sweet citrus, but, the lilac, as good a deal as it was with the creamy intensive argan oil, smelled way to strong for me. I also returned mine and will re order the Vanilla Apricot.  

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I repeat: Trader Joes sells the same size bottle of argan oil for 9.99. Its highway robbery what Q is charging..Shop around people. Don't fall for the pitch.
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@itsmagic wrote:

@skittles2  I just noticed via Josie’s Facebook page that she has a website just for her Skin Dope ( that shows two different versions of the Skin Dope.  Did you notice that?



One version contains hemp oil, the other version CBD oil.

Hemp oil is made from the seeds; CBD oil from other parts of the plant.


I don’t think QVC ever sold the CBD product. And I see that the hemp oil one is not currently available either.

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The word DOPE also is a hip slang word for COOL. WHEN SOMETHING IS DOPE it is great....groovy!🙂

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Do you actually think Josie gives a flipping you know what about what you or I think when she comes out hangin out all over and acting all dumb? She is hardly concerned with what is proper, lol.

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I think Josie's decision to name her product, "Skin Dope", is wrong on so many levels. Kids today, know what dope is, to say most don't, you are fooling yourself. Let's face it, the name she choose is getting attention and with that brings lots of green stuff pouring into her bank account.