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@skittles2  I just noticed via Josie’s Facebook page that she has a website just for her Skin Dope ( that shows two different versions of the Skin Dope.  Did you notice that?

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Well stated @skittles2. There are many things in life that are humorous, but I agree with you, this isn’t one of them.

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@itsmagic  Both versions of her Skin Dope are already sold out on that website.  People on her Instagram page are a little upset that it sold out so fast.   

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STUPID name. Can't stand her. I would NEVER buy ANY of her products. I buy Trader Joe's argan oil for a fraction of the price she sells hers for.

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@GenXmuse wrote:

I’m totally pro-cannabis but I think the name is ridiculous. It’s not dope, it’s hemp, which is made from a different part of the plant. It is misleading and inflammatory and not related to skincare. 

@GenXmuse  Well said.

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One of Josie's huge product fans, sorry to see this addition to her line..


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In the midst of the opioid epidemic;  OMG she is totally out of touch.  

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I am always looking towards the future.  When Josie first came out with the argan oil, for me, it was too heavy.  She then came out the the light version.  That worked ok, but, still too heavy for me.  Then she came out with Reserve, which worked for me.  I am 60 and menopause had changed the condition of my skin.  In my young years, my skin was so oily, but then I found that it was severely dry.  With all these variations of oil, I found a winner for my skin issue.   Now, she has come out with another oil to choose from.  I have ordered it, but not received yet.  I'll see what it does.  The argan milk for the body I use on my face.  Now, that is another winner for me.  She says only for body, but, my face has a noticeable difference.  It keeps my skin very soft all day.   Her argan milk for the face I used for a few years and didn't notice a difference even though it worked for most people. 

 I am not offended by the word "Dope" in her skin care line.  It is a tag line - a marketing ploy to catch your attention.  You have to use marketing tactics in order to stand out from the rest.    She also will bne introducing another type of oil that can also be used for aches/pains.   I will also be trying this too.   I am sure not everyone will agree with me, but that is ok.  

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Re: Josie's Skin Dope

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Im a huge Josie fan but I’m having trouble understanding the price:  why is skin dope with 50% Argan and 50% hemp oil $65 for 1.7oz when her regular Argan Oil is only $48? I have seen hemp oil in the grocery store for under $10 for a large bottle. Shouldn’t this cost less than her pure Argan Oil which is very rare and precious, not like hemp oil. 





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I am kinda thinking this is going to be in her TSV at the end of Jan. , i was going to get it with coupon off her site but i am going to wait to see.