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Like another poster I returned Josie's body butter in "lilac."  It smelled awful and nothing lilac about it.  (it came in set with infinity cream.)   No more for me.

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Re: Josie's Skin Dope

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I suppose to some, your post makes you look foolish. Others probably choose to actually teach their kids about drugs so they know the dangers and can tell the difference between my bottle of HEMP SEED oil and actual drugs. And by actual drugs I do not even mean cannabis products. Get over yourself.

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Dope also refers to an illegal narcotic. I don't think the choice of name is particularly sensitve in light of the opioid crisis, and the number of people who have lost loved ones to drug additions/ overdoses.  


As for me, I am neither Dope enough, nor enough of a Dope to put this on my shopping list. 

Do the math.
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Can you pls tell me where to go to get coupons for this kind of product? I can never find any that are useful or work. Thanks so much!

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I'm Amazed, and Amused, to see 7 pages of posts about.....the name of a skincare product!  I'm waiting for QVC to carry her Argan CBD combo oil (doubtful). IMO Josie is a progressive smart woman who knows how to market her products.  After all, the products' names have caught consumers' attention as evidenced here.  It inspired me to mix my own blend with my extra Argan Oil. THANKS, JOSIE !!!

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I suggest that others do what I did. I sent a letter to the CEO stating my reasons why this product should not be offered on QVC until the name is changed. If enough viewers did this I believe QVC would listen. Money talks.
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Your posts are heartbreaking. I appreciate you making yourselves so vulnerable on a public forum. If I could reach out and hug you both, I would do it right now.
I send you love and compassion. And I am so sorry for your losses. May you find healing everywhere you tread.
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@MarnieRez3 wrote: rock! I salute your take-charge attitude!

I agree.  Doing something for what you believe in @Reever - nice move!

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San Antonio Girl, its not for me. Its for the younger generation of this country whose lives are being destroyed by drug use. Every day I read the horrors of opioid addiction across these lands. For Josie to label a product called "Dope" is extremely troublesome and she seems tone deaf to the crisis in America of drug use. The moral backbone of our country is breaking before our eyes and we all need to do something for the next generation. I am very fearful that the country they inherit will not be the great country I grew up in.