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The lip product in Josie's TSV last time is quite useless.  It DOES NOT heal your lips but only makes them soft.  In the winter especially, I want a product that prevents chapping and I believe you need shea butter and other ingredients to achieve that.  The case was very nice but I want a product to perform.  Anyone else experience this?  Cat Wink

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Re: Josie's Lip Product in TSV

I think it's just average.  It's similar to chapstick,not creamy at all.  In fact it's a little dry.  

I like her lip gloss in the little pot with just a touch of pink,  


At least it has a nice vanilla scent to it.

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Re: Josie's Lip Product in TSV

I am underwhelmed with it also.  In fact, it seems drying to me, or maybe just not long lasting.  I already cancelled my AD for the TSV, the only thing I adore in it is the milk, and I'll wait for a deal on that some other time.

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Re: Josie's Lip Product in TSV

@KatCat1, I know many women love this product but I don't think that it's any big deal. There are many lip balms on the market that are much better than this. I would never buy this on it's own.

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Re: Josie's Lip Product in TSV

It's okay, but not great. I think it's probably something that works better in summer weather and isn't strong enough fot winter skin.


For winter skin, my money goes to Bite Beauty's Agave Lip Mask.

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Re: Josie's Lip Product in TSV

I agree with many of the previous comments.

1) the case is pretty

2) Heartthe vanilla scent

3) it softens lips


I keep this at my desk and apply throughout the day, but for real hydrating treatment, I prefer another brand.  I wouldn't purchase this on it's own, but not because I think it's an unlikeable product; simply because I prefer another brand over this one.  I would give it 4 stars.


As far as the other TSV items,  I will most definitely re-purchase the milk & the divine drip.  Those 2 products alone are what made me buy the TSV, but like another viewer, I canceled my A-D because all I really will use daily is the milk & divine drip.

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