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I love the oils and lotions.I especially love that they are clean but I have a complaint.The fancy bottles painted gold.I find they chip and I wear flecks of them on my skin.I got one in my eye that I needed to flush out.Can we please just have the non fancy bottles for the wonderful products.

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IMO her claims of reducing and eliminating aging are untrue. Argon oil is a moisture user

only. Way over priced. I buy the exact product on Amazon for less than half the price.


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I've used several of her products and still have plenty of her argon oil.  In the past I did try TJ's argon oil that many said was the same.  It was definitely not the same at all.


I'm not promoting Josie's products though, because I will probably be switching moisturizing methods when my stash is used up.


Mainly wanted to comment on her argon oil which I believe is superior if you want to use it.  I just haven't found my Holy Grail yet for overall skin care.Cat Happy

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@ellaphant   I buy mine at Trader Joe' it!

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I have never had that happen.  Is it the Special Reserve gold bottle?  


I also love her products.  I don't use the straight argon oil though.  So maybe you can find organic, cold pressed, first press elsewhere for less.  Josie Maran prices do seem to be a big complaint.


When it's only one ingredient and the process isn't patented, it's hard to really claim what's the best. However, the Argon Milk and the other blends are more specific, maybe patented.  Therefore, harder to find.  


I don't mind the price point.  I think both QVC and her website offer deals.