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Josie please please please make the lip balm without the ingredients that sting for at least a half hour after putting it on.  Love how soft and hydrated my lips are, but hate the burn.


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I've been using the argan balm on my lips for months. It works and zero sting.  

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I’ve never experienced any stinging either. It's my favorite lip balm. 


@danadog05 - could you be allergic to one of the ingredients? Sorry you are having this reaction. 


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Josie does have this lip product because I have it, "Argan Lip Sting Plumping Butter"...

Maybe this is what @danadog05, you are referring to.  It is a slight tingle when applied, which is what it is suppose to do...It has good reviews on her website, & I really like it as well...If it is stinging too much you maybe should not use it, she has many other lip products that might be better for you..Smiley Happy