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*** Josie Maran *** Article ***

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In case someone is interested, I came across this comprehensive on-line article about Josie Maran at theretaility dot com. 

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Re: *** Josie Maran *** Article ***

I just read the article.  Its good! I like her products.  Thanks!

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Re: *** Josie Maran *** Article ***

@Toots711 - Thank you for sharing this! I too like Josie and I've become a big fan of her products.


 I wasn't sure about halfway in, when she talks about being able to "sell millions of dollars worth of products while on the beach." And she said as a QVC regular, she has the luxury of working anywhere. It seemed a little less humble than I thought she would be.



The talking about rebranding in 2022 makes me nervous too! That usually has meant "favorite products go away"! 


It was interesting to learn how she met Mr. Belle!  Smiley Happy

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Re: *** Josie Maran *** Article ***

Hope she got a pre-nup before marrying Mr. Bell.  


I did not read the article.