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Re: Joan Rivers great hair day powder

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Just a little while ago I tried mine for about the 100th time by many methods and different brushes and think I finally hit on a brush that lays it down nicely. The brush is years & years old and it's a Laura Geller Retractable Baked Powder Brush so it must have come with one of her baked products. I didn't let it come out of the sleeve all the way, probably only 1/4 of an inch or a little wee bit more. It's so old I don't know if she even still makes this particular brush think I'll have a look here and on her website, if she has one.


AHA I FOUND IT. It's item # A181677 and only $15.00 if anyone who uses the JR Hair product is interested in trying it.

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Re: Joan Rivers great hair day powder



It arrived Saturday and I used it just on my part yesterday. It looked nice but I have very fine hair and it really weighed my hair down. Made it very flat. I hope if I'm more careful to use way less next time it will help that.Otherwise back it goes.

@151949 I, too, found it heavy when applied with the brush. I now apply it with a cotton round and get a much more natural look and cover more area at one time.

In my opinion Madison Reed is so much better at coloring gray and wide parts.  I also just discovered Bumble and Bumble spray color and it works great.