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@Franklinbell   Hello. I used to wear several....had the lg. size bottles and a gift set of 12 tiny ones. As time went on, they all became too heavy for me except the Basil Neroli fragrance. 


Sorry you left yours behind. They're expensive, so I'm sure you can kick youself. Smiley Sad

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@Franklinbell  me, too. I'm going to try the orange blossom as well. I hear the candles are great so I'll try one of those.



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I have a few JM fragrances. My favorites are Nectarine Blossom and Honey and Peony & Blush Suede. I also have Lime Basil and Mandarin and Wood Sage and Seasalt.  Have had Red Roses (good) and my next purchase will be English Pear and Freesia.


Since they were sold they have added many and have limited editions.  I also buy the body cream for extra umph.


Scents are different for everyone. Good luck. So many scents so little time 

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@Franklinbell If you are looking for a strong scent, one that will last a long time, one you will wear for awhile, probably not finish the bottle, and people will say "You smell good" eight hours later, don't even think about JM.


If you want a light scent very pleasing to you and most people won't notice or comment on it but some will, you might like JM.  If you love a light fragrance that is lovely when sprayed on but you won't smell all day, you may, as I do, LOVE them!  

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Thanks everyone!
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I have the Wood Sage & Sea Salt and love it.  It lasts all day on me.  When I was in Sephora I tried the English Pear & Freesia and thought that one was really nice as well. The Nectrine Blossom sounds interesting.  I would love to get a sample of that one.

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Jo Malone makes some of my favorite scents.  I don't have a problem with staying power at all.  I just received the Osmanthus Blossom for Mother's Day and it's a beautiful scents.


Some of my other favorites are English Pear and Freesia, Wild Bluebell, Orange Blossom, Wood Sage and Sea Salt, Fig and Lotus Flower, Amber and Lavender, and Peony & Blush Suede.  I'm sure there are a few more.  The Jo Malone counter is a great place to hang out.  They're very helpful and generous with samples.