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now for the second time since i signed up for the icecream uber autodelivery plan i have gotten a letter stating that they would not be able to fill my chrerry vanilla/blackberry icecream duo delivery.

they are hoping to be able to get more stock, but they are not sure.

the same thing happened with the bananas foster and the choc. coconut chip duo.

i just dont get it. they know how many orders they got. make the dang gel!

on top of it, the last duo, was the one i was looking forward to the most.

and on top of THAT, they are selling the auto delivery program all over again from the beginning.

i find this really irksome.

they have no problem gobbleing (gobbeling??) up our $$$$$$ when it works for them. but they can discontinue something at the drop of a hat. i have been looking forward to this last shipment since last year.

i know it is only shower gel. i know. but something about the way they are conducting this stuff just seems wrong to me.

did anyone else get this letter?? or did anyone actually get the last duo??

thanks for letting me vent,