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I like Josie's last TSV better and will continue to get it.  I will pass on this one. Was hoping for some new and different things.

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@lovestoshop65, the Divine Drip is new. This is specifically designed for the face and neck. If you take a closer look, it's not the same size as the regulare Divine Drip. It's 1.6 oz which is typically the size of a face moisturizer. Also the scent for this and the body butter are new.

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Yes the Divine Honey butter is new...I love the reg. so can't wait to try this. Plus the milk  for me is always a go if in a TSV...I got 2 unscented, can't wait..Smiley Happy

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also the lip stick is doesn't have the "sting" effect.  Many people complained about that.

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Why would people complain about lack of stinging?  Stinging usually denotes irritation.

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Why would people complain about lack of stinging?  Stinging usually denotes irritation.

I think she meant people complained about the stinging, which is why the new one doesn't sting.

Also, it wasn't a sign of irritation, it was actually marketed as a "lip sting" The ingredient that caused the sting was to increase circulation so your lips would look plumper.

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thanks for the explanation.  I didn't mean that it actually caused an irritation.  People didn't care for the sting feeling.  Yes it is an ingredient that is for lip plumping.  The sting feeling is supposed to go away after a few seconds.  The new lip stick does not include the ingredient for the lip plumping which gives the sting feeling. 

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It's a very nice TSV from Josie but I will pass.  I hope the ladies that are ordering will give reviews.  I do love Josie's Argan Milk.  Cat Very Happy

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Hmmm, on the fence.  I want the milk and body butter...lip gloss will e nice but isn't worth more than $10 to me (I can get lip balms I love for that price)


The face cream is very interesting.... I love divine drip but it isn't perfect for my face but close to it.  If this is unscented it might be great!  I think I'll take the plunge.


Only choice is unscented or the chamomile...I like very, very light scent in body butter so may go with unscented even though I do love most of her scents...hmmm... 

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I am TOTALLY getting this! I just received my Divine Drip duo and it was ❤️ at first use! Even my husband likes it, which is why I’m going for the TSV. I’ve always loved Josie’s Argan milk, although when I gravitated to Paula’s Choice I stopped using it when I ran out. I can easily incorporate the milk into my regime, plus the Divine Drip on my neck & décolletage! I ❤️ it! Now that I hear the lip balm doesn’t have the stinging ingredient, I’m all in! Plus the body butter...both my husband & I like to use it, so this will be a winner for both of us!

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