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J-Beauty and K-Beauty youtuber

I've been interested in trying more K-beauty and J-beauty products (not just sheet masks) and so I bought a Senka whipped face cleanser but the tube of product was all in Japanese so I wasn't sure if I was even buy a cleanser (and this was at Walmart Canada), so I googled the product and watched a youtube video by an Aussie-Japanese beauty youtuber named Tina Tanaka Harris discussing the cleanser.


I would have no idea that you had to use a net fabric to make the cream cleanser foam up so I cut apart a net body puff that you would use in the shower and cut about a foot of the tube netting, squeezed a small amount of cleanser onto the net and made it foam up like the video. It was a lot of fun making the foam, I felt like a little kid playing in the bath!


Tina Tanaka Harris' youtube channel is:


and the video review about the Senka cream cleanser is:


I think she's an adorable young millennial woman. She's fluent in Japanese and English and she does beauty reviews on products from Japan, Korea, as well the U.S. and Australia. I am planning to watch more of her videos as I'm interested in trying more asian beauty products.