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a scarf ?                   lol

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@Shanus same here— dark brows and lashes.  They are a real positive for me because with all my eye issues, I avoid all eye cosmetics except for my brows.  I started to lose hair color in my early 30’s - brows are likely still to be dark when I turn 80 next year.

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In ordinary life, men are not as pressured to change what it going to happen.  Women are subjected to much more advertising.  Sad to see it still being targeted at teens.

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@Still Raining   Very true, but time is past due for us to stand up and ignore these crazy advertisements and pressures.


We are still be treated as objects of beauty and we are our own greatest enemies.  Women spend millions on beauty products and treatments each year and no matter how how we try, we are still getting old and we are not fooling anyone.

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@Desertdi    You just gave me the BEST LAUGH of the week.   

But...   don't even want to think about that!


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Men can get wrinkles, salt and pepper hair, and whatever shows age.  THEY ARE DISTINQUISHED.  Women having the same attributes are considered to need cosmetic surgery or all kinds of lotion and potions to make them look young.  DOUBLE STANDARD.  

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Men can be totally gray, partially bald, totally bald, and still thought to be sexy and/or handsome.  Women?  Well, we are judged quite a bit more harshly for the most part, aren't we?  The same regarding lines and wrinkles on the face.  And also how the body can change with age.  This is purely my opinion, but I still think it holds true for the most part, that women are judged more harshly as they age. And no --- it's not fair!!!!



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