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It's just the first thought that entered my mind when I saw the eBay prices.  It's getting harder and harder to find "deals" on eBay.

@monicakm You are right, but still sometimes you'll find something that knocks your sox off when people just want rid of something.


It's usually something I would have killed for 25 years ago!  Woman Wink

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I've taken advantage of their free shipping for a couple mickey mouse orders in the past year, the last one was received today.  I spent 600 of my points that have been sitting there for a couple years.  Now that masks will be gone, I'll start ordering my Philosophy from them unless QVC comes up with some good Christmas deals.

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Re: It's a Sad Day

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I was just back on the Sephora website. Looks like there is free shipping again, at least till the end of the month. I want the new Patrick Ta e/s palette so bad..
NOT GONNA BUY IT! But if you're looking for a beautiful sophisticated nude palette, it's gorgeous.