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@wildcat fan wrote:

My IT TSV arrived today and I tried it this afternoon.  Here are my initial thoughts:


I really like the mascara.  Not clumpy and seems like I have eyelashes that I never knew I had.


I'm skeptical about the Bye Bye Foundation.  It seemed like it didn't provide full coverage at first, but after waiting a few minutes, it did look like full coverage.  I have cool undertones, and I turned away from IT creams and foundations a few years ago because they looked too yellow.  This light medium shade is a much better color match for me.  It's also lightweight.  It took several attempts to get the pump to work, though.  I hope I don't have to fight with that each day.  One thing that I don't like, and it may be a deal breaker for me, is that it says to "reapply at least every 2 hours."  Gosh, I must have missed that during the presentations.  I've been wearing it for about 5 1/2 hours without reapplying, and it really looks like I need to reapply, especially on my chin, nose, and forehead.  


I like the blush.  Not too dark.  It works well with my skintone.


I'm on the fence about the Hello Cheekbones highlighter/bronzer.    The bronzer seemed a little dark, but I will try again tomorrow with a lighter hand and less product.  I saw a YouTube video where someone used these as eyeshadows.  I think I'll try the highlighter as an eyeshadow tomorrow as well.


The lip serum in "love" feels good and hydrates, but I don't think this shade does well for me on its own as it's too pastel/light.  By itself, it doesn't seem to blend well with the Hello Cheekbones (at least on me).  Next I'll try it in conjunction with another lip color.  


Of course, I love the brushes.


Has anybody else received the TSV?  I'd love to hear what you think.  Smiley Happy

@wildcat fan I received mine and am very happy! The foundation is my favorite, very pretty blush, lip color, and mascara. I also like the contour/ highlight. I prefer a larger brush for bronzer. I will use the contour brush for the highlight. I use a sponge for foundation, so I will use the other brush included for blush or powder. This is definitely one of my favorite it tsv kits.