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I would also add to your gift of brushes the IT Bruch Bath spray.  It keeps them clean and ready for use.




I'm sure this is a good products but for decades I have been washing all of my makeup appliances right after using them with the blue version od Dawn dish liquid. I just pour about a pea-sized amount in the palm of my hand, wet it and the brush and swirl gently. Then I rinse well and stand on the opposite end to dry.

The Dawn removes much of the grease and oils in many makeup products.


One or twice a month I soak them in alcohol for a short while, then rinse well, to really keep them clean as 

bacteria free as possible.


I've wanted to try the new IT brush cleaner, but it will not ship to Hawaii, nor do we have Ulta here so I can't buy it locally. On our trip home to the mainland for Christmas I went to 2 different Ulta's to buy the brush cleaner; both locations were out of stock. The young lady at the the second Ulta informed me all I need is 70% rubbing alcohol, which cleans them exactly the same; just put some in a little spray bottle. I told her I had been using a gentle shampoo and she stated that using too much can build up a residue in the bristles. Well, when we returned home the other day I tried the rubbing alcohol.  WOW! WOW! WOW! She was right! I've never in my life had such an easy time cleaning my make-up brushes with such little effort and for so cheap! That is probably the best beauty advice I've received in YEARS!!

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@SurferWife it sounds brilliant. I'll try that when I clean my brushes.