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Isomers peels, eye products

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I need help, is there a "best" facial and eye peel?


Eye product- firmness above and below eye.


Above needs tightening, smoothing under brow and upper eye lid.


Below crinkling- isn't that a sweet, cute word for ACK! -why do I look like elephant knees under my eyes?


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Re: Isomers peels, eye products

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@skittles2 For me, the best Isomers at home facial products are the Oxygen Force Mask and the Clay Cleanser mask.  Both leave my face feeling very soft and hydrated.  For the eye product, I use the eye peel a couple of times a week and the all-in-one mesmer-eyez tightening serum everyday.  I know everyone's skin is different, but those are the products that work best for me.  


ETA:  I just re-read your post and if you are asking about Isomers face peels, the enzyme peel and the micro-derm peel are both good facial peels.  

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Re: Isomers peels, eye products

I have been using Isomers Eye Peel for years, does it work any miracles, NO!!