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It is the 8oz Copper peptide. $125.85



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Re: Isomers TS on ShopHQ today

There's a 20% off code right now for a couple of hours that works on the TS.

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Re: Isomers TS on ShopHQ today

And free shipping on orders over $99 with ShopHQ card.

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Re: Isomers TS on ShopHQ today

I started using this product a few yrs ago when she offered it as 1/2 liter for this price. The most recent bottle I bought was the same size but TWICE the dollar value and that was a 'special' offer then. That was maybe 6 mths ago, maybe.


Isomers prices like everything else has sky rocketed. About 2 wks ago she had on her Re-Densify 3D facial & eye serum boosters. The bottle was 6oz for $49 I bought bought both, eye serum small but only $29 (bought 2). Decided to go aon auto for the facial - bottle now only 4oz at WHAT??? $67.00!!! WOW!!! did it anyway.


Lesson learned - only buy when she has on a great values. 

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Re: Isomers TS on ShopHQ today

I normally check my old purchases to compare prices I paid in the past. If it's not much higher, I make the purchase. I haven't purchased anything this last 2 visits even though they offered the flash coupons. Still isn't a great deal. If you have their CC, it works out better. 


I bought the 1.86 of the RPur + the neck serum for a lot less a few months ago & a combo R-Pur supersize face w/eye(4oz +1oz)  was $124.99. Same with the USS night last visit, paid a lot less. I will shop my stash until a good deal comes along.