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linmo,  YOU WERE RIGHT!  I think Manuela just revealed the mystery items you predicted.  Without calling them by name she referred to them by " the most popular eye product", etc. Now she's talking about Copper-P.

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This post has been removed by QVC because it contains a coupon code

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Re: Isomers Mystery Kit

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Thanks @Jen44

I was able to use what you posted yesterday and bought the mystery set with 7.50 off original price. Hoping the orchid or copper p is in there. My original post wasn’t posted, didn’t know you can’t post codes. Anyway I caved in an bought moisture magnet, the large pure hylaronic low and high weight which formulation will change in the near future. Laws will require industry to dilute it.

Also ordered lash serum, deodorants (love), vit K and foundation (also love). I'm 58 and been using Isomers for about 10 years, alternating with Skinn, Josie, Perlier and K-beauty. 



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Jenn posted the Evine coupon code  Woman Surprised 

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