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I used up one vial and nothing. I don't expect instant results but would like to see something by now. Also instructions are VERY confusing. ISOMERS website says one thing Shoph something else AND they should have included a dropper. I love Isomers products but this may go back. Sorry for venting.
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I use it every night n my eye area and every other night on my skin. I have to say my eyes look firmer and brighter and smoother, so far, at least.

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i have noticed difference in lines above my mouth. into week two now.

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I have used it every night under my eyes since I got it and have noticed NO DIFFERENCE whatsoever. {#emotions_dlg.sad}

I also ordered the copper that so many people rave about and, again, nothing.

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I have been using the Immortal in the morning with no problem. I do not wear makeup so that is not an issue with me. I must not have been using it generously enough because I used it every other day (Mon, Wed, Fri) and still had over a 1/3 left. So I had to use it today and will finish up tomorrow in order to use up the whole vial. Next week I am going to apply more generously.

Now results: Not sure what this is doing because my skin was already in good shape, except for my chin. The good thing is no breakouts. So I am going to use the vials for the 5 weeks and see how my skin looks then.

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I have been using this every night for a week. I can not believe the drooping I have near my mouth is gone. I'm going to now use it every other night now. I'm so excited over this new serum. I Also love the cream it came with too. I get breakouts from many of the creams but these 2 new products I love and have had no breakouts!
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On 2/1/2015 Montana said:
On 2/1/2015 Fredee said: I've been using the Immortal vile for 1 week, and this morning I noticed an obvious improvement in my skin. I Have these lines under my one eye, that without fail, every morning, are deep and noticeable. It looks like a case of "pillow face," but it's not. Smiley Sad This morning, those lines were barely noticeable! The only change I have made in my routine is adding the Immortal. I've used the moisturizer that came with the Today's Special, but not under my eyes. I needed to see if the Immortal was really that great. Well if this is what I'm seeing and it's just one week in, well I can't wait to see what Week 5 looks like. I think it's a commitment to seeing the 5 weeks to the end. I think it's point is that it's transforming the skins ability to hydrate (I think Manuel likened the skin to canals, feeding water to the places that needed hydration.)

Did you use it every day?

Hi Montana! I use every day, twice a day all over my face. I am now on Week 3 and can absolutely see improvement in the lessening of the depth of my smile lines (they look smoother, like they're being plumped from the inside) and my eye area (lines) are drastically improved. The key to Immortal is time. For me it's been a gradual, yet noticeable improvement with continued use. I wonder if Manuela will make this in a bottle so it can be used daily.
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Some of you are having such great results! I hope she brings it back again.

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BEST SKINCARE ON THE MARKET. I am in my mid 50s and have tried everything, including Perricone, Skinn, etc. Nothing comes close to the Isomers line. My results using Immortal are dramatic and keep getting better. Isomers Glutathiosome literally lifted my lid. Her Matrixyl is no joke either, very powerful wrinkle remover. I was so happy with her products I almost did not order Immortal. Boy am I glad I did. It is a miracle.

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My results are excellent with Immortal also, very firming and my skin is glowing.

I did buy the TTV with the daily exfoliator and it may be increasing the outcome, also the R pur for face that Manuela recommends 2 or 3 times a year that I usually do at the end of winter could be part of this combination that is really giving me some exceptional neck and skin improvements.

I have only used Isomers for at least 3 years now have tryied everything on the market and the difference is phenomenal and reasonably priced.