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Isomers Alert! A very special "Today's Top Value" on Friday (2/11)

Tune in Friday for a very special "Today's Top Value" on ShopNBC!

Shows kick-off Thursday night and all day Friday

Then tune in on Saturday for two special shows with different offers!

February 11th: midnight-2am, 5am (tape), 9-11am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm

February 12th: noon, 5pm

(all times Eastern)

Our "One 3000" Series has a brand new name! And new family members!

We changed the name of our fabulous "One 3000" series to "All-in-ONE" - which better describes the powerful formulation in the bottle. The Face and Eye Serums remain as the same formula - just have a new name. We've also added to new products to the line - a new cleanser and cream!

All-in-ONE Total Skin Care 3 pc System

Tune in for item number and TTV price information!

Includes: Total Daily Cleanser 16 oz . Bonus Size, Complete Face Firming Serum, Complete Hydra-Protect Dream Cream 4 oz. Bonus Size

Introducing Total Daily Cleanser - take cleansing to a new level by cleaning, stimulating and balancing the skin all at once! Provides pH support for bacterial balance for healthier-looking skin. Stimulates micro-circulation with gentle revealing beads (a launch of new pha technology) - not an acid, not a scrub, but a system that uses both!

The new Complete Hydra-Protect Dream Cream focuses on up-to-date technologies targeting the problems of dry skin, environmental stressors and climate change.

· All-in ONE “Series” is true …Problem Solving Skin Care System


No time – for many steps

ONE series solution:

All in one give you all the steps in one formula and one step


Confusion over what skin care to use for what problem. Not sure what my main skin care goals are.

ONE series solution:

No need to be an expert in skincare. All in ONE multi approach makes sure all the important basis are covered for the key factors in aging skin – lines, wrinkles. Hydration; pigmentation; expression lines; firming – no need to chose


My skin changes a lot. Weather, season, mood seen to affect my skin.

ONE series solution:

All in one system works on all skin types, any age and any stage – easy way to incorporate good skincare into your daily routine


No money: Professional grade skincare is too expensive

ONE series solution:

All in ONE comes directly from the manufacturing laboratory- cut out all the middle men to make it affordable, fresh and effective.


I have a couple of things I need to address with my skin. I am aging, so I have wrinkles, but notice pigmentation and break out!

ONE series solution:

With the All- in ONE system you can tackle one for many skin problems with the same steps. Helps you eliminate the need for other products.


Want up to date technology – don’t want to miss out on new innovation that can benefit my skin.

ONE series solution:

All in ONE is open formulation to include the best in class and latest ingredients that have shown clinical benefits to the skin. With the All-in ONE system you are always up to date, never left behind, always at the forefront of appropriate game changing skin care.


Run out of product quickly

ONE series solution:

All-in ONE supersize or AutoDelivery program always ensure you have your daily supply to keep your skin on the right routine.


I already use other products for ‘special “ situations, will this conflict

ONE Series Solution:

All- in ONE system works with all skin care and can easily be incorporated with other serums and cream – but you may find you won’t need them as many of the ingredients are already within the ONE series formulations


Due to its efficacy and performance along with its ease of application and incorporation into our daily lives, the “All-in-ONE Series” has quickly become one of Isomers most popular product lines and it is featured two times a year – in January and in June.


Each product / formula in the “All-in-ONE” series contains clinical concentration levels or higher, of each and every single active that is incorporated into the formula. This is done to boost efficacy making each formula a true concentrate and 100% cosmetically active.

- We use clinical levels of active ingredients

- No fragrance, parabens or known irritants

- No animal testing

Item numbers for core singles in the All-in-ONE Series:

C400031 Total Daily Cleanser 8 oz

ShopNBC Price $25.00

C400032 Complete Hydra-Protect Dream Cream 1.86 oz

ShopNBC Price $85.00 Introductory Price $77.37

C23685 Complete Eye Firming Serum (formerly known as One 3000 for Eyes)

ShopNBC Price $62.00

C23506 Complete Face Firming Serum (formerly known as One 3000 for Face)

ShopNBC Price $105.00

C400034 One 3000 for Body Duo

Retail Value $80.00, ShopNBC Price $62.00, Event Price $56.36

Other Features this visit:

C24200 Matrixyl 20% Solution Limited Edition Half Liter

ShopNBC Price $206.00, Event price $187.87

Limited production run of 1000 units - this is the only planned presentation of Matrixyl 20% Solution this year!

C24135 Matrixyl 20% Solution 1.86 oz

ShopNBC Price $66.00, Event Price $59.88

For those that want the regular size

C24077 Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 15% Solution Limited Edition 1.86 oz Bonus Size

Retail Value $158.00, ShopNBC Price $49.50

Limited production run of 1000 units - this is the only time the bonus size will be offered this year!

C24229 Retiniacin Age Diffuser

ShopNBC Price $40.00, Event Price $36.36

Now available on AutoDelivery!

C24230 Exfoliate & Renew Eye Peel

ShopNBC Price $29.75

Now available on AutoDelivery!

C1000012 Matrixyl for Body Special Duo

Retail Value $177.25 ShopNBC Price $81.25 Event Price $73.64

Last of the quantity! This offer was a special buy and will not be repeated.

C24067 Nutritone Facial Beauty System

This is it! The final hundred or so units, then this is retired!

C100009 9 pc Head to To Anti-Aging Collection

Retail Value $211.50, ShopNBC Price $70.00, Intro Price $63.64

Did you order the December Today's Top Value (or wish you did) and hope to order more? This is a very special opportunity to do so! When this quantity is gone, it will not be back!

Mark Your Calendar!

Manuela will be back on ShopNBC March 7

R Pur is Back!

Plus new introductions for Acne, Expression Lines, and Hollow Under Eyes!