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Re: Isomer c stem repair cream

On 1/23/2014 BellaCarro said:
On 1/23/2014 Shelbelle said:
On 1/23/2014 BellaCarro said:
On 1/23/2014 Shelbelle said:

Yes, you are not the only one. It was a topic of discussion a while back on the Isomers Forum and was addressed there. I think they said that once it was rubbed into the skin, the graininess will dissipate. Perhaps you can still pull up the info on it over there.

Where is an Isomers Forum? Thanks.

If you Google Isomers Forum, it will take you there, sign up to be a member and post.

Wow, I had no idea! Thanks, Shelbelle. Is it a good forum?

Strictly devoted to Isomers, no other product lines are discussed there. Lori, who works with Manuela will answer your posted questions there.

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Re: Isomer c stem repair cream

This grain is caused by the extreme amount of C in the solution. In chemistry terms, it is called super saturation , whereby the liquid can no longer absorb any more and thus crystals form.

Manuela wanted to show just how packed with C this product is, not just minimal amounts. A touch of extra liquid will dissolve the crystals as will massaging .

I don't mind the feel and know my skin is being saturated with C.

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Re: Isomer c stem repair cream

I love isomers- but not this product. I don't like the texture and don't want to mix it with serums or dampen with water. I like my creams creamy! Luckily, isomers has many creams available and I'll stick with them.
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Re: Isomer c stem repair cream

From all I've read about it, the grains or crystals are actually little Vit C particles and when you either massage them in or dissolve/break them down with water, it breaks them up and spreads more vitamin C into the skin. If you want the maximum benefit of vitamin C, massaging or dissolving those grains after using the serum will really increase the C benefits.

It seems that those who have adapted to applying the cream really do like it while others would prefer the cream to not contain those particles/grains/crystals ......... however there is a method behind Manuela's madness, so to speak.

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Re: Isomer c stem repair cream

I didn't like the cream at first because of the grainy texture, I would apply my algenist serum followed by the Isomers c serum then the isomers c cream allowing each layer to dry(absorb) but now I place all three on the tip of my fingers of one hand then using my fingers of my other hand mix it all together (which breaks up the grains) then I apply it to my face. I love the cream now.