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Re: Isaac TSV still in process!

@carlycat   Hi!  Can't believe you're still waiting, wow.  You'd assume that the inventory would be ready to go for whatever the TSV is.  I mean, if it's a TSV, have enough in stock and ready to ship as soon as possible.  Oddly enough, I ordered a set of those SuperCloths just a few days ago and I got them yesterday.  A random item such as those were sent super-fast yet the TSV takes so long.  Doesn't make sense.  Maybe the system didn't update or something -- hoping you get your package today -- ya never know!!


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Re: Isaac TSV still in process!

Mine shipped via FedEx Smart Post yesterday 10th, which was also listed as estimated delivery date.  According to tracking info, it left Martinsburg WV late last night.


I'm sure Q is getting a better deal using US Mail Innovations and SmartPost, but it's taking a LOT longer to receive packages.

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Re: Isaac TSV still in process!

Even though the computer says in processing, it may have shipped already and the computer has not been updated.  My item showed in processing for more than a week and when it was updated, it had already been to a few locations.