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Re: Is there a neck cream that tightens?

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I noticed that Elizabeth Warren has the most lovely neck and skin while watching her on TV while she was running. Did anyone else notice that? Her neck is FLAWLESSLY unlined as is her decollete...  and no sun damage either.  Wonder if it is genetics or really good skin care on her part?    I think she is very attractive with little makeup.. just naturally pretty.. pretty smile too. She is 70 years old.senwarren2016.jpg

She was asked about it & here is an excerpt of what she said


As Warren tells it, she uses Pond’s moisturizer “every morning, every night.” But “never” washes her face.

“So I have ― had, she’s passed now ― but a much older cousin named Tootsie,” she told the mag. “Years ago, I was, I guess probably somewhere in my 20s, and we’re at a big family reunion. And Tootsie was beautiful. I looked over at her, and I said, ‘Toots, how do you have such gorgeous skin?’ She said, ‘Pond’s Moisturizer every morning, every night, and never wash your face.’ So from Tootsie to me to you.”

'.      She doesn't wash make-up off each day?  

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Re: Is there a neck cream that tightens?

@isaboo-- Pond's cold cream is a makeup remover.  That why I use it.

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Re: Is there a neck cream that tightens?

Have you tried PRAI Ageless Throat & Decolletage Cream?  I went through 2 jars of it and really thought it made my neck look "tighter."  You can order it through HSN.  Good luck on your quest to find a product you are happy with!

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Re: Is there a neck cream that tightens?

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FYI........Elizabeth Warren has had good plastic surgery.

Yes she has.  Just google past photos of her and it is very obvious. 

You are absolutely correct.  There are lots of before and after pictures out there.  Quite obvious.  If anyone believes her current smooth skin is due to Pond's cream, then they probably believe that she is a Cherokee Indian too!!!Smiley LOL

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Re: Is there a neck cream that tightens?

I just read that Elizabeth Warren uses only Pond's Cold Cream on her face. I have a cousin, nearly 78, who has flawless skin that glows, and not one line or wrinkle on her face or neck despite living on a boat in Florida when she was younger. Her secret?  Pond's Cold Cream! That is the only cream she has ever used. Amazing!!