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Initial review on the new Full of Promise moisturizer

Since we were just chatting about this new product on another thread, I wanted to share a review on how it's worked for me so far!

While I don't have a full size jar of the product, I was lucky enough to receive a number of deluxe tubes of the new Full of Promise moisturizer and have already been using it and enjoying it for just about two weeks now. To preface, I have very sensitive, dry skin with rosacea, fine lines and a lack of firmness above and below the jawline. I currently alternate between the When Hope Is Not Enough (WHINE) line, and the 'Oxygen' line (Oxygen Peel, Oxygen Boost & Take A Deep Breath) for serums & moisturizers.

In a nutshell, here is what I think about Full of Promise so far Smile

Texture and absorption ... I'd say it is similar in thickness to the When Hope Is Not Enough replenishing cream. It absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin feeling very silky soft, if not almost velvety!

Hydration ... Hydration is a huge factor for me. I recently added the new Oxygen Boost and Take A Deep Breath moisturizer into my skincare routine, and I alternate it with the WHINE line. Both the WHINE and Oxygen products really hydrate my skin, but I feel that the new Full of Promise takes hydration to the next level, as far as how luxurious my skin feels, and how long that feeling (and hydration) lasts.

How I use it ... I used Full of Promise each evening after applying the WHINE firming serum or Oxygen Boost. Both combinations work well and seem to boost the overall performance than if I just applied Full of Promise alone. I used Full of Promise twice a day for the first few days, but changed to PM only after that, and I still notice a result.

Results ... Besides the hydration and feeling of softness, I was surprised to actually notice a difference in the look and feel of firmness around my jawline during the second week. At first it was a subtle firming along the jawline, but when I applied the WHINE firming serum under Full of Promise, the results were better. Now, after two weeks, I have a lifted appearance on the lower part of my face, just under my cheeks, and I'm impressed!

So after playing with it for two weeks, would I purchase a jar? Definitely so! It seems to do almost everything that the WHINE replenishing cream does for me, but more - it firms and lifts! If I could get this on sale somewhere soon (HINT HINT, PHILOSOPHY - it's time for another 30% promo please!!!) I would definitely get myself a jar {#emotions_dlg.thumbup} especially since my samples are due to run out very soon {#emotions_dlg.crying}


I'm interested to hear what the rest of you think about Full of Promise, if you've tried it?