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Re: Iman Love Memoir Eau de Parfum

@sunshine 919 


It's OK with me that there was more than one post Cat LOL


I just wanted to make sure that anyone interested saw it was on HSN.


I don't watch QVC, and I only witched on HSN this morning as I was up at 4:30 am and didn't want to watch the news.


Hope you get it and love it!

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Re: Iman Love Memoir Eau de Parfum

@okaywitheasypay wrote:

@Witchy Woman  thanks. I flipped by HSN this a.m. and saw the presentation of the $ 75. pkg.  That is a bit pricey for my needs. I do like it I still have the small sample I recieved in a beauty box this summer. I see in this post mention was made of a roller ball by @sunshine 919 . I am going to check out HSN and see if there are smaller offerings.

Rollerball is less than 25.00Smiley Happy