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Re: If you're wearing perfume....

@AngelPuppy1 .............I would judge it to be light to medium.  To me it is not over flowery or sweet.


I get mine from Amazon.  I believe it can be returned.

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Re: If you're wearing perfume....

Flowers By Kenzo is one I like.
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Re: If you're wearing perfume....

@spent2much wrote:



Amazing Grace and Pure Grace used to be my favorite, but, somewhere along the line, these Philosophy fragrances changed. I heard that they were bought out by Coty and the formula was changed.

@Sapphiregal  I've had the ones I'm using for a few years.  When I order more, I'll keep that in mind and return if I'm not satisfied.  Thank you for the info!  Woman Sad



@spent2much  and @Sapphiregal  For years I purchased any gift set that came out with Amazing Grace for my daughter.  When she would visit, her room and bathroom were left with that scent for a week or so...Woman Happy


THEN they were bought out by Coty.  The main change is that it has no staying power.  My daughter asked me to not buy it for her anymore because of this.  Such a shame.

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Re: If you're wearing perfume....

Amazing Grace, Pure Grace, and Falling in Love, all I wore for years. They weren't too heavy or strong which is what I wanted when my kids were young. Now I'm looking for something a little more complex than Pure Grace (my favorite). 


I want to try out more from Commodity.


And I'm getting a Lush sampler as well. I'm not a floral fan, but they can make it smell so good that I actually love some of them.

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Re: If you're wearing perfume....



Oh for the love of Pete.


LOL, I love that expression Smiley Happy

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Re: If you're wearing perfume....

My fragrance wardrobe now consists only of WEN perfume.  I have one for each season.  Right now I'm using a summer one called Mango-Coconut.  It's a little on the sweet side, but not overpowering.  I smell beachy (clean, though, not all salty and sandy...LOL!) all day.

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Re: If you're wearing perfume....

The only perfume I wear is Philosphy Amazing Grace and summer I use the body spritz.


Many say it has changed, has no smell, etc. but I constantly get compliments on how nice I smell.  


Other perfumes are too strongly scented so I'll always be a AG user.



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Re: If you're wearing perfume....

@QVCkitty1 wrote:

Miss Dior and Coco Mademoiselle.

Two of my year round favorites.  I love O de Lancome (the original) in the warmer months.  Light and citrusy.

Several of my all time favorites are from Hermes (Amazone, Kelly Caleche).  I think I will need to try Twilly d'Hermes.  Thank you to the poster who suggested that one.  (Sorry that I have forgotten your nic.)

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Re: If you're wearing perfume....



Thank you - I appreciate your reply!!! 

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Re: If you're wearing perfume....

My favorite now, and for a very long time, is "Jessica McCLintock"- it is my signature scent for sure! I know ther are some other fragrances in  her line now, but this is the original one- been wearing it over 20 years..