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@laraffinee wrote:

I have found that as soon as these "niche" brands that were developed with a lot of enthusiasm and innovation are sold to a big Corporate Group, things change fast, and usually for the worse.


Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals, Ojon, Tarte, IT Cosmetics, Philosphy, and even Paula's Choice - al suffer from a downturn in quality, and the introduction of a bunch of very similar products.


I can just imagine  what these boardroom meetings must be like....all about marketing and sales, with a complete loss of the innovation and vision that created these lines in the first place.


As soon as I hear one of my favorite companies has been sold, I move on to find a new, up and coming cosmetic company, and hope they hang in there as long as possible before selling.


I have wasted way too much money on products that have been "dumbed down" by corporate.

@laraffinee, other than PC adding more new items than before and raising prices perhaps, I haven't seen any change in the quality or the products that I have been using for several years: a couple toners, a moisturizer, a serum, and occasionally their face oil.

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If I can suggest try EVE PEARL. She has a steal tomorrow at Beauty IQ.

I love her products. She well know by the foundation and concealer. It the only thing I use.

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No. I know that some of the products come from China.

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Nice products but black women's  skin tones can be almost anything. Not just your Rich or Deep foundations match our complexions. My best color is Tan. Please don't put us in a box.