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IT Horrible Customer Service

I placed an order on 4/14 as I had a % off coupon and wanted to try the foundation and concealor I got an e-mail that my order had shipped and I would received it on 4/19..  I had been trying to call 3 x's with holding on for more than 40 minutes and no live person as I thought I got the wrong product, I thought I ordered the CC cream but I ordered the full coverage foundation as they had a fairly/light shade which I thought would be better for my fair/pink skin.  I then send an e-mail no response to daste.  I finally got a live chat last night and the customer service told me my order hadn't shipped that there was a problem with delivery, I asked her how could there be a problem with delivery if it had not shipped. Long story short I will never purchase from their website again. Ulta or QVC for me. 

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Re: IT Horrible Customer Service

I also had a bad CS experience with IT Cosmetics.  


I usually buy at Ulta, but bought from the IT site for the first time.  My credit card was charged incorrectly, so I sent an email.  No response.  I then tried to call, and the wait times were ridiculous!  I held on for over 30 minutes one day, and nearly 40 the next, but I could not get a live person.  Finally, I did get through, and the rep argued with me about the incorrect charge.  She acknowledged that I had been overcharged, but told me that the extra would be "dropped off" when the charge went through.  I tried to explain that it had already gone through.  It was enormously frustrating, especially after having such a difficult time trying to reach someone in the first place.  I never did receive a reply to my email.


Meanwhile, my order had arrived and one of the samples was defective.  She said she'd send a replacement.  What arrived a few days later was a very large box with lots of packing inside and a tiny little sample (foil packet on a card.)  So wasteful!  


I love IT products, but I will never again order directly from them. I was shocked that their CS is so poor.  I'm used to a lot better from other companies.