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IT Cosmetics Water Proof Gel Cream Liner

Please give me your feedback if you have used this Liner in Silk Taupe, and what you think of the product in general.


I have brown eyes with dark skin, and I'm undecided between the Silk Taupe and Brown.


This will be my first water proof eyeliner purchase and I'm in hopes this product stands up to it's name.

Thank you in advance for your comments,



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Re: IT Cosmetics Water Proof Gel Cream Liner

I have this in brown, silky taupe and plum. My lids are very hooded, and this is the only liner that I find will last most of the day. As to the colors, the taupe has a little bit of sparkle and is slightly lighter than the brown, but once they're on, it's hard to tell the difference. I have had these for about a year. They last and do not dry out if you keep the lid tight. I don't like the brush that is sold with it here. I use a small eyeliner brush.

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Re: IT Cosmetics Water Proof Gel Cream Liner

I have been using it for quite a while and its amazing.  I absolutely love it.  It goes on beautifully and won't come off until you take it off.  I'm a fair skinned brunette with brownish green eyes and I use the Espresso but I'm also thinking about getting the silk taupe too.  Its a wonderful product, it lasts a long time.  Make sure you put the top back on correctly and screw it on tight to keep the air out.  The only negative is that I can seem to get the hang of the brush and I find the brush to thick to work with.  I use a MAC eyeliner brush and it works great.   I think you will be very please with this product.   IT's mascara is also fabulous and so is their under eye concealer.  I don't care for IT's facial powders or foundations and don't like their eyeshadows either.  Just my personal opinion.