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I don't know who the original poster is of this but I saw the same Jen Luvs Reviews video on Sunday and she did talk about the IT TSV.   Jen does a What's Up In Makeup video every Sunday.  It's a really great video that I look forward to every week.  


Why would you assume this poster is just promoting themselves and not just sharing information.

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It looks like someone has done a mini review of the TSV on youtube. Her name is Josephine Fusco.


She does a quick demo of the blush and it looks like it's light but you can build it up if you want to. I couldn't tell how much glitter/sparkle is in the concealer but I'll probably give it a try. Worse case scenario maybe I can use it as a highlighter! Smiley Happy





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Blue Skies for Me Please should help you with your decision making and give you some clues.

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This post has been removed by QVC. Sorry, this is promoting a personal blog. :-(

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I got an email from It Cosmetics this morning that is all about the TSV and includes a video about it. The video is pretty lengthy and includes details on each item. I was waiting to see what this TSV would include but like many of you, I'm completely uninterested in a "glowy" concealer. The blush and brush look nice, though.

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You know how many of the It cosmetics products are called Bye Bye this and Bye Bye that? I just realized that when they are presented on TV, the host and vendor get to keep saying Buy Buy this and Buy Buy that every time they say the name. It's almost like subliminal advertising built into the product name. Very smart! Not even sure it's deliberate though.


I don't need any of the items in the TSV so I'll pass. I've bitten on a few in the past and been pleased. But illumination is not my thing. And my pores are small due to my skincare. Plus I've already found my HG blush in It Cosmetics' CC Naturally Pretty cream blush. Brush looks nice if you use lots of powder cosmetics.


To those who get the TSV, I'm happy for you. This brand makes quality stuff so I doubt you'll be disappointed as long as you need/want this particular set of products.

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The It Cosmetics TSV is on tonight 9pm or 12 midnight check your channel guide.  I just got a sneak peak form the It Cosmetics website,  I think they might offer the whole 5 piece with naturally pretty blush, bye bye pores compact, new brush, new bye bye undereye with illumination, and new makeup remover with all the good It Cosmetics ingredients.  I cant wait

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Musingsofamuse has a full review up.  I like the blush, but IT products don't seem to work for me.