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IT Celebration- Question

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Love IT powder. Chose Tan, Thinking of ordering medium use in the center of my face. Does anyone else use two shades? Plus thought for touch ups light shade would be nice. Appreciate your thoughts. TIA 💋
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Re: IT Celebration- Question

I do! Smiley Happy The taj shade is cloer to skin tone but can sometimes look too dark on me so I like to use the medium as a setting powder with the bye bye pore big brush. I also use the tan as a setting powder when I use the CC cream in medium. I got the tan foundation on Ebay unused for about 12.00. HTH Smiley Happy

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Re: IT Celebration- Question

Yes I have. I've found it's easier than doing it with other types of foundation, truly forgiving. I have also mixed it with the Pur brand minerals and get a color and finish that I love.


Go for it! Smiley Happy

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Re: IT Celebration- Question

I've been using the CC foundation for about a month now and love it but I've been curious about the Celebration powder so yesterday I ordered the double with the brush. I want something that's easy to just sweep on and go. I use the medium in the CC so that's what I ordered. Hope it's the right shade for me. 

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Re: IT Celebration- Question



I  also use med & tan.  I use med. under my eyes and down my nose and maybe a sweep across my forehead...and then tan everywhere else.


I contour in a way  and blend with the tan.


Tan is my 'true' match but I like brighter under my eyes.


I use two shades w/ almost all the foundations I buy!

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Re: IT Celebration- Question

I'd test it out in the store before purchasing-  that's how I found out I needed tan in the first place. I've always been  a verison of medium in makeup, this was a first for me! I know many don't have  Ulta nearby, but I received an email that IT is also going to be carried in  Sephora.