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Re: IT Celebration Foundation

@GenXmuse wrote:

The only IT cosmetic product I ever got to work for me is Bye Bye Undereye. Other than this product, I'm done with them. 


@GenXmuse   I purchased the Bye Bye Illuminating one just for inner corners. A lot of money for a pin point amount needed and an extra product and extra step. Have you noticed the juvenile names for their products? That's also a turn off. "Bye Bye", "Hello Light" & "Hello Cheekbones". That's for 6 year olds.

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Re: IT Celebration Foundation

I tried Celebration foundation a few times, and returned it. It was chalky and too matte on my skin. Didn't look anything like the models on TV. But then again, does it ever?

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Re: IT Celebration Foundation

Not a fan of IT---just yellow paste on me--threw out a few things recently---the concealor was horrible and the powder too--but the brushes are great---I did like the universal brow pencil tho. 

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Re: IT Celebration Foundation

The only item I ever tried from IT was the Celebration Foundation. I purchased it from Ulta about two years ago.


I hated it. It was so chalky - it looked just horrible on my skin. Was glad I could easily return it to Ulta. 


Learned my lesson and will be sticking with Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten foundation.

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Re: IT Celebration Foundation

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Thankyou for the Cetaphil recommendation for moisturizer.  


I did not pile on IT CC it is just too heavy (thick) even using the smallest amount.  I stopped using the brush after it was looking like it was "laying" into my skin vs natural coverage.


I am pleased with this product and this is one thing I stocked up on when CVS had Buy One Get One 1/2 price and had coupons.