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QVC CS is the best next to hsn!  Evine CS is disgraceful is all I can say!

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Some information about using the Caviar - incorporating with your other products [hope this helps] :
*The Serum Noir Caviar may be applied day and/or night.
*It may be applied over top the Ultimate Super Skin Serum Night Formula.
*If using the R PUR, use R PUR at night and Serum Noir Caviar daytime.
*If using H PUR, mix H PUR with your cream and apply Serum Noir Caviar along with your other serums.
*You may apply Creme Noir Caviar daytime, after all serums and over top an alternate moisturizer if need be.
*The Masque Noir Caviar is to be applied as your last step at night time...over top all other serums and creams.


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