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FYI, the ebay seller has already sold out of the 4 eye peels, still has all 4 of the eye serum left.

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@Linmo good to know the date.  I don't remember which thread you posted how to figure out the date.😀 How do you decode it?


I haven't even opened up my box LOL  How did you see on the invoice about quantities available?  I'm curious to see how many were left when I placed mine.  I had gone back to get a couple more and it was sold out.


@Shelbelle that seller had to have gotten the deal since it was probably close to $50 originally.  Good price for them .  I had an open bottle of the peel I'd forgotten about.  After using it again I realized how much I liked it.  Glad I had seen your post in time to get a couple more.  I already use and like the mesmereyez.  Thanks again for the heads up!

@SuebdooThe first letter represents the day (A=1, B=2, etc), the second is the year (Q=2017, R=2018, S=2019) and the third is the month (A=January, B=February, etc).  

I had originally ordered 4 sets but canceled 2 of them because I was concerned about the expiration date.  Each set was in a separate Isomers box which had a plastic wrap over it that appeared to be Evine packaging.  On that wrap, it stated 25 out of 29 on one package and 26 out of 29 on the other package.  So I'm assuming that I was one of the last to order it before it sold out.

@Linmo  Thanks again!  Printing the info this time!😀   


re the stock info.  my eye duos do have the x/29  BUT in comparison, my new super size Matrixyl is 43/105 and my snail slime is 8/11.  That's some pretty screwy inventory system LOL