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@Diva on The Q wrote:

@cuddlesmama: The  Q Talk  forum is the best place to post any topic regarding QVC. Smiley Happy

       Thank you. I didn't know where to post where it would be  answered fast. I know this forum answers very fast. Next time I will post on the Q Talk.

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@cuddlesmama I hope with the zip code tool on the program finder you were able to find Q2 on your TV

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Not on Comcast, but we do get HSN 2, which is all reruns. 

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There is also a QVC2 app for your smart TV or you can stream it on your computer, too. 

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@IMW wrote:

In NYC on optimum it is channel 183.

@IMW.  Yes, same for me.

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Satellite and cable packages vary.  Even with the same provider in the same city, the package of what channels subscribers receive in their service can vary.  If you have a smart TV, there will be no problem watching QVC2.  If you don't have a smart TV, you can make use of a Roku or Fire Stick (streaming device) to turn your TV into a smart TV.  I have a smart TV but still utilize a Roku.   

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We have comcast.  On 2 of our sets we have upgraded boxes with a voice remote.  I just say QVC2 and it finds the channel.  We can't get it on the other sets.