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I went to my BE boutique and got READY!

I wanted to see, touch and feel these shadows before I bought, so I went to my local boutique and they had everything in stock. These shadows are much prettier on than in the compacts. They have a pretty sheen and the colors are nicely coordinated!

I got three quads: The Afterparty, The Truth, and The Dream Sequence

I also got two duos: The Scenic Route and The Top Shelf

Unforrtunately, the makeup artist did a hideous job with The Afterparty and sent me out of the store looking like a GHOUL! Charcoal black e/s up to the brow bone. Yikes! But once I toned it down it actually looked very nice.

I'm looking forward to playing with these over the weekend. Anyone have some READY palettes? Favorite colors and looks?