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Instead of the Guerlain pearls, I am going to get this hourglass ambient pallet if it comes to Sephora. As of yesterday they didn't have it. It is somewhat customizable. You can choose the shades of face powder and the outside Packaging.  I hope I got that right. I am buying it as much for the outside/ Packaging as I am the inside. It is just stunning!  You can watch the video odd YouTube by "makeup just for fun"







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@monicakm  I am on the Hourglass email list and this is the latest from yesterday's solicitation:





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Artist Katie Scott is amazing. Her depictions of wildlife and nature is beyond words.

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@monicakm  I've looked at different versions of that Ambient Light palette on Youtube and have even tried it once or twice with a sample applicator at Sephora- such a stunning palette!! Which animal are you going to choose for your customization? Smiley Happy

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Re: I've changed my mind

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I didn't get last year's with the Elephant and have regretted that decision.  Now this year they have one with one of the big cats, which is also a favorite.  I may cave this year.  


Edited to add:  Went to the Hourglass website and checked out the choices.  The Leopard would definitely be my choice.  

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I checked out their website. The palettes are gorgeous! I would choose either palette 1 or palette 2. The artwork would be the big cats or the snake. 


The problem is that I can't justify spending $90 for makeup, especially since there are other expenses. I would use bronzer and highlighter, but not much of the blush. If they would make a palette with just bronzer and highlighter, and the same kind of artwork for half price, I'm there. 

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Yes, I'd buy it for the cover alone, that owl is stunning and by far my favorite of the choices!

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@monicakm   Hourglass has always been one of my favorites. It's a gorgeous palette. 

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 It's a gorgeous palette. 


And I missed it by thismuch Smiley Sad  I tried to purchase on my phone but the 10% didn't kick in so I forgot about it till I could get to my computer but by that time the Owl design had sold out.  The #1 palette was still available but with the Jellyfish design.  Just checked, still oos.  

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I have to wait till it comes back in stock but I want the snowy owl and the lightest palette.  Both are somewhat ethereal.  I like ethereal Smiley Happy