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Re: I threw out what WEN I had in my Cupboards

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Those of you who have stopped using WEN -- what are you using now?  I have been using WEN for several years now.  I like it, but frankly, I really don't want to spend that much money on my hair.  The only other shampoos I have are the little bottles from hotels, and those shampoos and conditioners are just awful.  I use them occasionally to use them up, and then mistakenly think all shampoos are that bad, which I know they are not.


So to save money, I may switch to a store bought shampoo or alternate with Wen every other time.


So what store bought shampoos are good?  One of the reasons I like WEN is that my hair is not a tangled mess after washing.

I still use Wen, but I also use AsIAm coconut co-wash. It is sold at Walgreen, CVS, and RiteAid and is very expensive. About $7-$9 for a 16 ounce jar.  It's really good.

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Re: I threw out what WEN I had in my Cupboards

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I see no reason to stop using something that works absolutely Wenderfully for me personally.


If I have any issues with WEN, I will make my own decisions, which will not be based on the gossip, attention seeking, or anxiety of people I don't even know.



Personal Choice :  Personal Responsibility





Kudos on a very sane and thoughtful response to a clearly baiting thread @Drythe.


I think exactly as you do.  The hysteria around here over a hair product is mind-boggling.


Yep, it's soooooo obvious. Trolls are running amuck! 


 Trolls are very self consumed and selfish

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A. Uh, I can’t really say that either."~


Whew!!!  I am glad it just wasn't me.  This attention seeking OP isn't happy unless she is baiting...there are too many to count.  She did the same thing on the Temp-"R"ations thread she started asking what people saw in them, thought they were cheap and gaudy (two of her favorite words) and wouldn't have them even if they were free. 


This was done strickly to bait the people she knew had expressed their like/love of the product. 


The thread on the debate was attention seeking as well just to see how many people she could bait into responding....too many didn't get it unfortunately and gave her just what she wanted. 


Troll....yes, no doubt. 

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Re: I threw out what WEN I had in my Cupboards

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I use mainly Keys Soap Silkin Shampoo, which is great for stripping "gunk" out of hair (styling products, buildup) I would not recommend this shampoo if you use a lot of styling products or if you color your hair often, as it will always be in the stripping "glop" mode. It takes about 3 shampoos to get rid of buildup.
I have no color in my hair anymore and do not use any styling products at all, so this leaves my hair soft, like a child's. It makes my scalp feel clean, which is why I use it.
Sometimes I use Tres Semme or Suave. just to change it up.