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I find that these days, my skin looks its' best with more of a tinted moisturizer type product than full on foundation. I love the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream or the Andalou Naturals moisturizing CC cream the best. They don't settle into fine lines and not heavy Andalou is more moisturizing by Missha isn't matte either. Good luck!

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I'm old school, it seems. I like foundation, in moderation. And the best I've found so far gets no mention around here -- Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Liquid Foundation SPF 15.

From the perfect color match (a first for me) to the finish and texture, it's my HG. It never cakes or looks like make-up, yet it has excellent coverage.

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I started using Stilla primer and it really has a nice coverage. I use Bare Minerals foundation and sparingly.

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On 8/14/2014 RhondaH said:

I would go to Sephora and have them match your foundation to your skin tone while at the same time they will give you samples of all or some of the other matches. I had it done and received a bunch of generous samples so I could try each one. Nars and Dior were two of my favorites.

I definitely recommend this. Sephora has a machine that they hold up a wand to your face and it gives them the correct matching colors in each founmdation. Then you tell them what kind of finish you want etc..This is how I was matched with Make Up Forever Velvet Matte Plus, which I love. Too heavy fr summer when I use either IT CC cream or Eltamd tinted physical sunblock SPF 41 (highly recommended if you are fair to light). I am 43 and I have never liked primer except for in my eyes. I feel like it just clogs pores and is another step. I have combo skin, dry cheeks and oily forehead and chin. Give Sephora a chance to match you and ask for a sample of whatever they match you with. Also, try to give up primer IMHO.

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Try Laura Gellars Balance and Brightnen. You can put your skin care over or under it without pilling, creasing or an oily look.

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Maybe your moisturizer is a problem. Try an oil-free one. And do you use a setting powder after your foundation? This might help. If all of this doesn't work, why not just try one of the mineral foundations which are a powder? With your skin being oily to begin with, it doesn't sound like you need any heavy or creamy type foundations, etc., to add to it.

I have not dry and not oily skin. But if I try to use more, or a heavier moisturizer, I break out and kind of experience what you do. But I definitely need some coverage --- broken caps and redness. I have just been using a concealing stick on the places which need coverage and then go over with a light powder to cut the shine and to set.

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Maybe using an exfoliator to remove any dry patchy areas will help too. And there are primers designed especially for oily skin, if you find whatever you decide on for coverage works better with one. Sounds like you sure do not need a moisturizing one. I also wonder if a light dusting of BE Mineral Veil or some of the other finishing powders already mentioned might help a lot. Maybe even finding one in a travel size so you could keep it with you during the day and applying before the time when oiliness starts to break through.

I do think trying to get rid of those dry patches for good will really open the door to more options. I don't use any foundation anymore and haven't for years now. I use either a very light weight TM or a tinted primer - they give me more than enough coverage