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Lowes...I don't have a problem with Lowes unless I have to go to the "stinky" end where all the lumber is.  I jut usually tell DH to find me in the appliance section Smiley Happy

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Re: I must be sick

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You have a Sephora gc from last year???  I guess you're not going to use it.  My address is 441...,...Tx Smiley Wink

@monicakm  It's like going to a Smörgåsbord and you're overwhelmed with the variety! Smiley Happy More for me, though, is that when I did get to a S, I didn't need anything!


I'm sure I'll use it - maybe by the end of the year! If I don't, you get first dibs!

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@SurferWife Maybe you were in a zen state and did not realize it!  Be well and do not do too much damage online my friend.

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@SurferWife   Both of your comments gave me the BEST LAUGH...  thank you.

Enjoy your online shopping!!!!  Glad you're feeling better.    And,  the day is young!

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I occasionally do that when I leave a store that I really like empty handed!  When I was still working, I used to shop on my lunch hour almost every day.  Some days I couldn't wait to get into a store and didn't want to leave and other days, I walked into a store and it was like --- nah, nothing appeals to me --- I'm not in the mood!  That was rare though!! 

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I think it's called.Shopping Dysmorphia, the technical term.

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I absolutely get the part about being overwhelmed when you get to the store.   I was so excited when I first walked into the Sephora in Las Vegas on Las Vegas boulevard but that excitement quickly turned into being overwhelmed and I basically just froze.  Where does one even start when the store is the size of a pro football field.  It probably wasn't quite that big but it felt like it.  I find it so much easier to shop online where you're not pressed for time, you have time to think  and everything is in stock (most of the time). Maybe you could look online to find what you want and purchase it at the store.

Between my knee problem and COVID I was forced to go online to shop and I couldn't be happier.  Sephora has a deal with FedEx and Dollar general stores. If I need to return something, I just box it up put a free label on it and take it to Dollar general.  You can also have purchases delivered to Dollar general.