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Re: I have found something to fill the void...

On 8/14/2014 Ladylawson said:

Off topic here poregirl but i was looking at your signature, I thougth Revlon did not animal test. If you know something that I don't please let me know because my makeup routine revolves around Revlon for that very reason. Thank you!

Companies who join the Leaping Bunny Program pledge to not test on animals during any stage of product development. The company's ingredient suppliers make the same pledge and the result is a product guaranteed to be 100% free of new animal testing.

Revlon still has not opened its animal testing policy up to scrutiny by signing onto the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program.
Some companies choose not to join the Leaping Bunny Program because they continue to conduct or commission animal testing for their ingredients or formulations, or they wish to reserve the right to test on animals in the future.

Until a company signs a CCIC commitment against animal testing, consumers cannot be sure of its policy on the use of animals. Please urge concerned consumers to contact Revlon and ask the company to join the Leaping Bunny Program.

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Re: I have found something to fill the void...

I'm so glad I read this! Last I heard Aromaleigh was closing (few years back). I've spent countless hours on that site drooling over colors, and was sad to hear they were closing. I hadn't heard they hadn't closed or reopened, but am glad I checked this thread to read they're still around!

I'll have to try Silk Naturals, I know before they had a Nar's O dupe and I'd love to try it. I've been having a tough time finding a pretty warm pink blush and personally think loose powder blushes tend to go on so well. Thanks for the update, especially on Aromaleigh!

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Re: I have found something to fill the void...

Ladies, I am a huge indie makeup supporter/buyer, and like Miss Amanda said, there are some very reputable, woman-owned companies. However, there is one that is run by two wonderful gentlemen that I adore. Their company is called Fyrinnae (, and their makeup is unlike anything I have EVER seen. Their products (which are exquisite) are very reasonably priced, and they offer "minis (trial sizes)" in every product they make.

Another company I like that creates her own colors is "All That Sass"/"Kiss My Sass". The lady who owns this company, Elizabeth, creates makeup, perfumes & bath/body products. And, she is a sweetheart!

I'd also like to mention that both Aromaleigh & Meow Cosmetics have over 80 shades of foundation! Each! Having tried all of the formulas that each company has, and several shades, you will find your spot-on foundation shade & coverage. It does take a little trial & error, but both companies offer samples in their foundations, and once you find your shade, I mean your perfect match, it's like something magical happens on your face. No more "close enough", "it'll do", or "almost a match". In my experience, I use less of the product & don't need as much coverage as I did with the other "mass market" foundation.

MissAmanda also touched on "repackagers". Reputable companies will state upfront that they don't repackage. If you are unable to find mention of this on their site or are unsure, always email or contact them & ask.